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American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor, Vincent Jamal Staples is officially releasing his fourth studio album in three years, after his first solo track since 2019 arrives ahead of his upcoming self-titled record. The self-titled album VINCE STAPLES, is available for download below.

The content of Vince’s bars hasn’t changed much, but his latest album, self-titled Vince Staples and produced entirely by EDM-turned-rap producer Kenny Beats, is more uniform in sound. Distorted samples and peppy 808s permeate nearly every track, creating an atmosphere somewhere between the glossy minimalism of his 2016 EP Prima Donna and the muddled gloom of his Michael Uzowuru-produced 2012 mixtape Winter in Prague. There’s no concept or alleged double album conceit at work, no grandiose beat experiments or Big Boy cameos to distract from the artist at the center. Though it’s far from his most exciting music, the album’s reserved musical approach magnifies the blunt scene-setting Vince has used to build his name over the last decade.

It was confirmed in Vince’s GQ interview with Desus Nice on April 15, 2021, that he would be releasing a self-titled LP in the summer of 2021. When I spoke with him in early March, Vince, now 27, seemed happier. Excited about the future. We met over Zoom for several conversations and ended up talking about everything: his new self-titled LP out this summer, the influence of Nipsey Hussle, and not fucking around when it comes to raccoons. The lead single for the LP, “Law of Averages,” was released on June 18, 2021.

For his part, Vince is still in the liminal space between mainstream fame and the business end of a .38. He’s been the face of Sprite campaigns and has an upcoming Netflix show, but death and decaying memories lurk around every corner. Parsing out the difference between the real and fake is hard enough when you’re not famous, but the paranoia lingers in the back of his mind. The end of “Sundown Town” dwells on the fear of meet-and-greets with fans turning into assassination attempts. “Taking Trips” features a striking bar about keeping a gun in his swim trunks when he goes to the beach. On “Are You With That?” Vince reminiscences on a childhood spent with friends who are now “under the ground” before disarming listeners with a hilariously blunt demand: “Fill these voids or fill my bank.” He’s still a smartass operating in a bad man’s world, and money remains both a motivation and a balm.

Vince Staples is back with his first solo single since 2019’s “Hell Bound (Ad 01),” and it leads a forthcoming self-titled record from the rapper. “Law of Averages” is out now, and the rest of Vince Staples will follow on July 9 via Blacksmith/Motown. Watch the “Law of Averages” Kenny Beats, ever the chameleon, responds by offering up some of his mellowest cuts. Mid-tempo synth chirps and drum claps propel both “Are You With That” and “Mhm” while a ghostly vocal sample gives “Law of Averages” the chill of a James Blake song. Some songs, like “The Shining,” veer into lo-fi territory. Even If you’re looking for the booming pastel energy of Kenny’s recent collaboration with TiaCorine or the breathless vibes of his work on Vince’s FM!, Vince Staples still has plenty to recommend. The sonic palette is grayscale without being boring, stoic without missing bounce.

Vince Staples followed up his post by sharing a new photo with the album’s release date as his caption, telling his fans that July 9 is the big day. In the mood to bless his followers with even more information about the project, the Norf representative came through with his ten-song tracklist, including no features. Vince Staples will be the first new project from Vince Staples since 2018’s FM!. Listen to “LAW OF AVERAGES” below and let us know if you’re excited about the new music. Other artists releasing albums next week include Snoh Aalegra, IDK, and more, including the Space Jam: A New Legacy soundtrack.

Vince and Kenny Beats have easy chemistry in and out of the booth because both are consistently proving how adaptable they are to any facet of rap. There’s no beat that Vince’s bleak diarism can’t mutate just like there’s no regional style Kenny can’t add to his collection at will. They’re two unstoppable forces who would rather work together than fight each other. Vince Staples is a minor affair by design, proof that there’s fire to be found even in the duo’s quietest moments.

Vince Staples Album Tracklist:

  1. Are You With That? // Download Mp3
  2. Law of Averages // Download Mp3
  3. Sundown Town // Download Mp3
  4. The Shining // Download Mp3
  5. Taking Trips // Download Mp3
  6. The Apple & The Tree // Download Mp3
  7. Take Me Home // Download Mp3
  8. Lil Fade // Download Mp3
  9. Lakewood Mall // Download Mp3 (FREE PAC SLIMM)
  10. MHM // Download Mp3


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