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American rapper, musician, songwriter, record producer, actor, visual artist, designer and comedian, Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler the Creator is release a new single “Massa” from his CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST album project featuring Lil Wayne, NBA Youngboy, Lil Uzi Vert, Brent Faiyaz, 42 Dugg, Pharrell, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. The album really feels like it will sound nothing like the prolific rapper’s previous work, which has gotten fans extremely excited for the project’s release this week.

On “MASSA” Tyler calls back to the era of slavery in the United States which took place from its founding in 1776 until 1865 when the Thirteenth Amendment was passed, criminalizing slavery. Tyler uses this time period to exemplify the dramatic contrast between the limitations given to African Americans in the 18th and 19th Centuries, to the modern-day U.S.A. where black men such as Tyler himself have forged great amounts of success for themselves.

However, the allusion to slavery in itself reminds the listener that, despite the U.S. being a much better place for African Americans now, the mere existence of this practice is enough to suggest there is still a problem in contemporary society, due to the deep-rooted racism that this era created. The use of the word “massa” in the title, as well as in the chorus, is where the reference to slavery lies, as Tyler uses this as dramatic irony, due to the typical Southern mispronunciation of the word “master” by the enslaved African Americans in this era. The contrast between this era and Tyler’s situation is evident throughout the song, especially in the first verse where he references his past successes–such as 2015’s Cherry Bomb and 2017’s Flower Boy. The second verse, rather, touches on topics of over-indulgence and the fact that despite all of this success Tyler has accumulated throughout his career, this is all trivial without other factors playing a role in his life, such as love, security, and friendship.

Tyler the Creator is known for his explosive personality and absurdist lyrical content, Tyler released his debut mixtape, Bastard in 2009. Subsequent releases were his debut studio album, Goblin, in 2011 under XL Recordings, Wolf in 2013 under Odd Future Records, Cherry Bomb in 2015, and released Flower Boy in 2017 under Columbia Records. In November 2018, he released Music Inspired by Illumination & Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, a 6-track EP inspired from his work with Illumination’s movie The Grinch. Most recently, in May 2019 he released IGOR, an album with a unique sound compared to his other work and was his first project to win a Grammy, as he took home the award for Best Rap Album. It also became his first project to top the Billboard 200.

Last week,  released “Lumberjack” and announced that his next record, Call Me If You Get Lost, will come out on Friday, June 25. The rapper’s previous album, Igor, won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. He has also his own fashion brand called Golf Wang and has created two comedic television programs for the late-night programming block Adult Swim: the sketch series, Loiter Squad, and the animated show, The Jellies.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • The heat on my dungaroos because they beefin’ for fun
  • I’m vegan for now, I’m conscious, know my hands meet when I bow
  • I’m grateful, you niggas hateful, you eat at me, you got a plate full
  • You can’t relate to these things I say to these instrumentals
  • Whether it’s wealth talk or shit that’s painful
  • I paint full pictures of my perspective on these drum breaks

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