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There’s something special about Syracuse-born, Raleigh-raised recording artist Toosii– but even he can’t put his finger on what exactly that is. At the beginning of his new music video for “what it cost,” the latest single from his upcoming album Thank You For Believing, Toosii recalls how he felt upon hearing that his grandfather died. He says that his entire life has been about his granddad, with the 21-year-old deciding never to smoke or drink in his life, placing a focus on his health so he can always be there for his family.

The video tells a lot about Toosii’s story, peeling back layers of his trauma and presenting him as a young man that has been through a hell of a lot. On his powerful new single “what it cost,” Toosii touches on his roots, his current reality, and more, detailing his rise from a lost kid to a national sensation.

The single comes as Toosii nears one billion total streams for his musical catalog, which is a feat that most 21-year-olds can’t claim for themselves.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • I came from rags to riches, I ain’t tryna go back to the rags
  • My new lil’ b*tch been tripping, I ain’t really tryna be no dad
  • I thought you seen it in me, I’m a star
  • Won’t switch the wrap, a n***a switched the car
  • I left the Earth and ended up on Mars, that mean I’m sitting next to the stars
  • I thought you seen it on me, I got scars

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