Square Enix thanks fans for not spoiling Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker review

After Square Enix previously asked players of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker to not share spoilers, it is now asking users to give their opinions social media.

As spotted by Gfinity, through the Final Fantasy XIV  Japanese Twitter account Square Enix celebrated the month anniversary since the release of the Endwalker DLC for its MMO, by asking fans to share their impressions on social media.

As translated by NME the tweet reads,

“It has been about one month since the release of Endwalker. We would like to thank everyone for their consideration in regards to spoilers. In the future, by all means send us your impressions of the main story on social media.”

Around the time of the expansion’s release Square Enix asked fans not to spoil the main story for anyone who had not had the chance to play it yet. Now that some time has passed since release it has announced that players should share their thoughts on social media.

Square Enix recently announced that it would be making the push towards NFTs and blockchain gaming in future projects in a company letter at the New Year. Despite the backlash from players, many of who have been concerned about blockchain integration in games, Square Enix’s share price increased following the announcement.

For those who have not played Endwalker and do not want the story spoilt for them, it is recommended that they mute terms relating to the expansion pack from their social media.

In other news, development of New Pokemon Snap was delayed as the term were not sure what the core mechanic of the game should be, with the producer claiming it took “many years of trial and error”.

Source:  Square Enix thanks fans for not spoiling Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Only On HiPHOPLEAKS.

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