Sofie Royer returns with “Feeling Bad Forsyth Street,” a superb ballad for urban malaise

        Sofie Royer is a Vienna-based artist repurposing vintage soft-rock sounds into her own distinct vision that's both timely and timeless. It's still easy to get lost in her underrated debut Cult Survivor, a project of prodigiously drawn smooth pop that got overwhelmed by the volume of that tumultuous, frayed summer. On September 23, Royer will return with her sophomore effort Harlequin, out via Stones Throw. Today, The FADER is premiering its lead single "Feelin Bad Forsyth Street." 

        The melancholy Royer taps in the song isn't some intangible thing. Still, her voice, bilious and grey as a rain cloud, holds little hope for resolution. "Feelin bad on Forsyth Street," she sings at the song's opening, "and I already know it has nothing to do with me." As adept as Royer is at tapping into the classics – a little George Harrison guitar here, a little Randy Newman piano there – she is an unmistakable talent at making songs that are hers from feelings that are shared with everyone else. 

        In the song's video, Royer plays a waitress in a New York City diner. And yes, she's having a day. Watch below:
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