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Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Aubrey Drake Graham join a Romanian singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, and internet vlogger, Andrei Tiberiu Maria, better known by his stage name Smiley on a new song “Over The Top.”

Over the years, Drake has said some nice things about fellow Toronto rapper Smiley. Drake is supposedly gearing up to release his new album Certified Lover Boy, and he’s recently showed up on tracks with people like Migos and Brent Faiyaz. Today, Drake has teamed up with Smiley on a new track that’s really just as much a Drake song as a Smiley one.

Last night, Smiley teamed up with Drake for his new single ‘Over The Top’ which you can stream here. It’s a vintage Drake feature over hard Tay Keith production, so fans are enjoying it while they await Certified Lover Boy, which should be here any week now. In our post of the song, we talked about how Smiley and Drizzy have been cool for years and now, we learn that that relationship has turned into a business one. A user on KTT 2 noticed that Smiley has been added to the OVO Sound roster on the imprint’s website, meaning that Smiley has inked a deal with the label. The single was also released under OVO and Warner.

Whether you realised it or not, most of us were first introduced to Smiley through a video of Drake rapping along to his ‘Intro’ in his pool before the song was officially out. If you’re in the know, you’ll know that a Toronto rapper called KG called out Smiley to Drake and Drake came to his defence, saying “Smiley eating your food in the city along with like 10 other n*ggas”. The two have also been seen together recently in LA. The pair have been affiliated for a while, so this new collaboration of theirs doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

On “Over The Top,” which sadly has nothing to do with a particular Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestling movie, Drake and Smiley trade off verses over a tingly beat from Memphis producer and frequent Drake collaborator Tay Keith. Drake talks some enviable shit: “I can’t be pale in my casket/ Make sure I die with a tan, it’s part of the brand.” Smiley, meanwhile, brags about his Drake associations: “Got a verse from the boy and it leaked/ He sent me a new one said use it instead.”

Smiley’s new single is called ‘Over The Top’ and Drake drops a verse on it. He brags “customs just waving at us from the window, they don’t even come on the plane when we land” and there are a few other tough lines on this. Smiley was part of the band Simplu and since then he developed a solo career.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • I’m in control of the block (Liar)
  • You know how October get hot (You know)
  • Might make this glizzy go pop (Bang)
  • The crib is over the top (It is)
  • The whip is over the top (How?)
  • I thought about letting her go (I did)
  • But I was in over the top

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