Russ – Rather Be Myself

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American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and author from Atlanta, Georgia, Russell James Vitale, better known by his stage name Russ continues to be one of the more overlooked and underrated names in the music business. It was the start of May when he announced that he was starting a weekly series of music releases and put out ‘SMALL TALK‘. That was seven weeks ago now so tonight, we get the seventh release in a row.

This one is called ‘Rather Be Myself’ and follows last week’s drop ‘Lucky‘. It comes along with a quick video and is produced by one of our favorites, Jake One, who gets a shoutout at the top of the record. Russ is best known for his singles “What They Want”, “Losin Control” and “Best on Earth”, which peaked respectively at number 83, 63 and 46 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

You can tell it’s one of his beats because of the warm, orchestral feel. Check out the new song below and stay tuned for more from the independent king.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • Lotta fake shit goin’ on (Yeah), I could choose to play along
  • But I’d rather be myself (Yeah)
  • I could try to be like them, probably get further ahead
  • But I’d rather be myself (Yeah)
  • People sellin’ out for fame or for dollars and some change
  • But I’d rather be myself (Yeah)
  • Now I’d be lyin’ if I said, “It never crossed my mind,” but check, man
  • I’d rather be mysеlf (For real, yeah, yeah)

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