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“Satisfied” is a chart-topping hit song recorded by an American adult contemporary and pop rock singer and songwriter, Richard Noel Marx for his second album, Repeat Offender. It was Richard’s second of three consecutive #1’s on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present. *** For a brief moment on “Satisfied,” Richard Marx sounds a tiny bit like Karl Marx. Richard Marx starts off “Satisfied,” the first single from his sophomore album Repeat Offender, with a line about the pervasive drudgery of labor: “We work our bodies weary to stay alive/ There must be more to living than nine to five.” The man is right! And it would’ve been amazing if America’s favorite young be-mulleted soft rocker had then launched into a call to arms about seizing the means of production. Sadly, that’s not what “Satisfied” is. “Satisfied” is something else — or, at least, I think “Satisfied” is something else. Richard Marx himself doesn’t seem entirely sure.

Richard Marx was never a particularly convincing rocker. Marx first made it to #1 with the gloopy ballad “Hold On To The Nights,” the fourth and final single from his 1987 self-titled debut. All four of the singles from Marx’s album had made the top five, but the ballads outshined everything else. These days, at least when people aren’t talking about his contributions to the art of slightly-leftist Twitter snark, Marx is best-known as a soft-batch piano-man balladeer. But Marx at least tried to rock every once in a while. “Satisfied” is a long way away from being Marx’s biggest hit, but it’s the only one of his rockers that made it to #1. Marx wrote the songs from his Repeat Offender LP while he was touring behind his debut.

Marx had been a pop songwriter before breaking through as an artist, so this wasn’t a problem for him. His first album went triple platinum and established him as a major young star, but Marx didn’t stress much about the follow-up. He simply went back into the studio with co-producer David Cole and knocked out what he considered to be the 10 best songs he’d written since the first LP came out. In January of 1989, Marx married Cynthia Rhodes, an actor who’d been in Flashdance and Dirty Dancing, but he didn’t take much time off. Repeat Offender was out within a few months, and Rhodes sang backup on “Satisfied.”

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