Rah Swish – Hashtag RS

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Brooklyn rapper, Rah Swish lives and breathes his city’s streets ready to mark his territory with a hard-hitting series of songs featuring Fetty Luciano, Leeky G Bando, Ron Suno, Smokepurpp & Young Costamado. Rah announces Mayor Of The Streets, his next project.

Crackling and action-packed, Rah Swish’s music is a fast-moving, aggressive, and danceable strain of the drill sound that’s currently sweeping the Five Boroughs. Slickly sliding between wobbly 808s and skittering snares, Rah Swish proves that he’s one of NYC’s most charismatic emcees, projecting a supernatural aura of confidence with his nimble flows and energetic ad-libs.

Rah Swish grew up like a lot of kids in BK did, surrounded by friends who dabbled in rap. That same crew of people are the ones that piqued Rah’s own interest in the art form. As a result, Rah got his start rapping much later start than most other rappers in the game. He is among the next wave of Brooklyn drill rappers making noise and just ahead of the release of his Mayor Of The Streets album, Rah reveals he’s getting a few heavy hitters to join him.


  • I’m in the double door, it’s a drop
  • Middle of summer, we droppin’ the top
  • Look at these pockets, they full of them knots
  • He talkin’ sticks, so we put him on Fox (Grrt, baow)
  • Bought my bitch an ass, then I put her in Louis Vuitton boots
  • Fuck a loft, I want my dogs in a pen by the roof (Uh)

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