Quelle Chris – Death Fame (Album)

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Quelle Chris is one of rap’s most unpredictable and exciting figures, coming up as a student of Detroit hip-hop and blossoming into an innovative lyricist, producer, animator and more.

Today (April 7), Quelle announces his forthcoming album DEATHFAME, which arrives May 13 via Mello Music Group.

The album’s first single “Alive Ain’t Always Living” begins with a muffled organ, sounding like a mysterious cassette found at a yard sale.

Quelle’s calm delivery transforms the song into a hypnotic sermon despite it’s deceptively melancholy sound as he reflects on his blessings.

DEATHFAME Tracklist:
  1. TEYC (Prod Quelle Chris & Chris Keys)

  2. Alive Ain’t Always Living (Prod Chris Keys)

  3. King In Black (Prod Quelle Chris)

  4. PS1 (Pontiac Sunfire 1) (Prod Quelle Chris & Chris Keys)

  5. Feed The Heads (Prod Quelle Chris)

  6. So Tired You Can’t Stop Dreaming feat. Navy Blue (Prod Quelle Chris)

  7. Die Happy Knowing They’ll Care (Prod Quelle Chris)

  8. DEATHFAME (Prod Quelle Chris)

  9. The Agency Of The Future (Prod Quelle Chris)

  10. Help I’m Dead (Prod Quelle Chris)

  11. How Could You Love Something Like Me (Prod Quelle Chris & Chris Keys)

  12. Cui Proudest feat. Denmark Vessey & J Jig Cicero (Prod Quelle Chris)

  13. The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red feat. Pink Siifu & Moruf (Prod Knxwledge & Chris Keys)

  14. Excuse My Back feat. Cavalier (Prod Quelle Chris)


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