No Brakes (verZatile) Lyrics Hotboii

Description:- No Brakes (verZatile) Lyrics Hotboii are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Hotboii. This song is from Blinded By Death album. This song will release on 29 July 2022.

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Song:– No Brakes (verZatile)

Singer:– Hotboii

Album:– Blinded By Death

Producer:– KINGFISHER, E.B (Producer) & GABE (Producer)

Written:– KINGFISHER, E.B (Producer), GABE (Producer) & Hotboii

Label:– Geffen Records, Rebel Music & Interscope Records

No Brakes (verZatile) Lyrics Hotboii

I’m poppin’ out of New [?]
Hungry to do somethin’
We just had a game plan, how you gon’ make the news, boy
Twelve be all in they shit, sure know how to lure in somethin’
They ain’t gon’ be outside, we go around towards somethin’
Come through like tornado, [?] nothin’
Wasn’t in the school studyin’, we hung around with shooters, yeah
His girl was a booster, he blew up and moved her
Bitch got a handgun, this ain’t no Ruger
She gon’ let it blow like she smokin’ a hooka
He just went Diamond, he smiled like the [rooma?]
His girl wanna abuse that
After that, a new bud’
Already got her teeth done, she don’t need a tooth TEC
Switch on glizzy, nobody in the city don’t wan’ do nothin’
Baby jakes all types of Ks like the Ku Klux
Can you hide me from my bitch, I’m cheatin’ with my new one
But, that’s what my dumb ass get for extendin’ a one-night stand
You know I’m a one-night man
I’m a one might man, ever need a rock band
But, we came there, sticks and drums, rockin’ out, damn
And don’t tell me what I can and can’t, ’cause nigga, I might, damn
Uh, I wasn’t even finna fill your block with holes
Just you told me that I won’t, I’m finna do it times ten
I wasn’t even finna fuck your bitch today
Since you told me that I can’t, I’m finna show you that I can
I can, and I will
Hard to keep my hand off the steel
I talk to God everytime that I kneel
I pray he keep sendin’ me dollars and bills
Why? ‘Cause I’m grateful
Any many niggas don’t be outside, I’m tied of they face show
What they got? Ace show, it ain’t safe though
Twelve be out that bitch, be out that bitch more than they gang do
I put money on opps head, gotta spin that shit to make more
Back the didn’t have cable, our opps be on T.V. now
I grew hate from my B.M., that ho just wanna see me down
Ho got me so evil now, I take hearts and beat ’em down
Out your life, I’m leavin’ now
Shut the love and re-route
Shut the love and re-route
[?] clean route
Took her out of fashion, [?] she is Celine now
It’s crazy I love another nigga bitch
She be with me, she don’t be on no ‘nother nigga dick
Her last nigga say she wasn’t shit
He ain’t know how to treat her, handle a real bitch
Seen I had her, and tried to recover quick
But, he ain’t know I was there when he fumbled it

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