MIKE – Disco! (Album)

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American rapper and record producer from the Bronx, New York, Michael Jordan Bonema (born October 19, 1998), otherwise known as MIKE, announces new album Disco!, which he’ll release on June 21 via his label 10k. It exactly one year after the New York rapper’s weight of the world.

The New York City rapper MIKE, a central figure on the city’s experimental rap scene, has announced details of his new album. Disco! is due on June 21 via MIKE’s own label, 10k, and is accompanied by the new song “Evil Eye.” Disco! arrives one year after weight of the world. In between albums, MIKE released two projects under his dj blackpower moniker: BLP 2020 “King of the Night” and blp2021: “for ur own good”.

MIKE released debut project May God Bless Your Hustle in 2017. A year later he dropped follow-up War In My Pen with Tears of Joy arriving in 2019. Averaging a project a year, MIKE delivered Weight of the World in 2020. In addition to rapping, MIKE also releases instrumental music as dj blackpower, dropping BLP2020 “King of the Night” and BLP2021 “for ur own good” in recent years.

MIKE’s style offers a rare emotional directness over experimental soul-laced beats and his breakout mixtape, May God Bless Your Hustle, caught widespread attention in the underground, including a co-sign from fellow artist and friend, Earl Sweatshirt. He has garnered a well-earned buzz in the underground scene with the [sLUms]. collective.

Disco! Album Tracklist:

  1. Evil Eye // Download Mp3
  2. Alarmed! (Ft. SIDESHOW (127)) // Download Mp3
  3. Leaders of Tomorrow (Intro) // Download Mp3
  4. Center City // Download Mp3
  5. Big Love // Download Mp3
  6. Aww (Zaza) // Download Mp3
  7. Ghoulish // Download Mp3
  8. Babyvillain (in our veins) // Download Mp3
  9. At thirst sight by Assia // Download Mp3
  10. Frogville (Mk Ultra) // Download Mp3
  11. Endgame // Download Mp3
  12. World Market (Mo’ Money) // Download Mp3
  13. Crystal Ball // Download Mp3
  14. Sandra // Download Mp3
  15. Tailwind // Download Mp3
  16. Airdrop // Download Mp3
  17. Spiral / Disco (Outro) // Download Mp3


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