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American rapper and singer-songwriter, Jeffery Lamar Williams, known professionally as Young Thug debuted a new song “Die Slow” off his fourteenth album project “Punk” following his Slime Language 2 project.

Punk is Atlanta rapper Young Thug’s sophomore studio album and fourteenth official solo release, following his April 2021 label compilation album with YSL, Slime Language 2. The album was announced for August 2021.

The YSL rapper offered a preview of the long-awaited project during a stripped-down set for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concert, which was recorded in the gardens of the Houdini Estate in Los Angeles. At one point, Thugger is even joined by the legendary Travis Barker on drums for a special rendition of his song ‘Ski‘.

“Got in a fight with a deputy Sherrif, I almost lost my mama,” he raps, sliding into the spoken story. “That’s funny. My mom had broken up with my dad for having another kid on another. He came home one day and saw a car in the driveway. It was an off-duty sheriff that my mom was fuckin with. They had a few words and it ended with my dad shooting and ending up in a hospital in a coma.”

“Fast forward about eight years later, my sister had gotten in a fight, and they had a family member who was a deputy sheriff. My mom had come outside to stop the fight, but [the sherriff] had ran and got in the car, pulled off doing sixty miles per hour. Ran my mom over. She had a stroke but she alright.”

Quotable Lyrics:

  • Told the lawyer that my brother ain’t goin’ back to prison
  • I don’t give a fuck if I gotta turn that nigga Jehova’s Witness
  • I’m just seekin’ for God’s soul ’cause I know something’s missin’
  • Comme des Garçons boxers and I came from penny-pinchin’
  • Came out the struggle nigga, I really had lost a brother, nigga
  • Got to fightin’ with the deputy sheriff that day, almost lost my mother, nigga

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