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American rapper, Christopher Charles Lloyd, better known by his stage name Lloyd Banks, drops a news single of the year “Empathy” off his The Course of The Inevitable project.

At one point, it seemed like we were going to be waiting as long for a project from Lloyd Banks as we did with Jay Electronica’s debut album. Thankfully, that was not the case. After a few stellar guest verses and some loose tracks dropping here and there, Friday was the day that Lloyd Banks unleashed his latest body of work, Course Of The Inevitable. With 18 songs in total, the guest appearances are excellently curated to bring out the best out of Lloyd Banks as well as his collaborators.

The star rapper threw out a tweet that had his fans very, very hyped. He tweeted “The Calm..” and while it could have been dismissed as just another tweet if it were by another rapper, Banks fans know that when his birthday comes around, we’re usually treated to some new music.

Banks celebrates his 39th birthday and like clockwork, today the rapper has tweeted out a minute long trailer for something he’s calling . Technically, we don’t know if it’s new music, but we know where our bets are placed.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • Yo, the audacity it takes to rank me with the style I invented
  • Wear my credentials like it’s jewelry, thinkin’ my flowers cemented
  • To hell with honorable mentions, artists are comical, temptin’
  • Horrible albums, new ventin’, three pounds of vomit, who sent ’em?
  • Stereo blood [?], they helium’d up your last king
  • Can’t muzzle me up with no coffin, won’t hit me with no vaccine
  • Goons in the black Beam, turn your crew to a track team
  • Highly viewed on the rap scene, sly maneuvers and cash streams
  • Flee from the copper sound, racist coppers, they chop us down
  • Ounces of 14K, you R.I.P. boxes with rocks around

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