Kevin Morby – This Is a Photograph (Album)

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They say that every movement is a reaction against whatever came before – and so it is, sometimes, with record releases. Kevin Morby’s last album, 2020’s ‘Sundowner’, saw him whittle his freewheeling, Dylan-esque folk-pop into scratchy, lo-fi musings conceived with a four-track cassette recorder as he reflected on his roots in the American Midwest.

Naturally, this swift follow-up is epic in sound and vision, its sprawling Americana and gritty rock’n’roll taking in the big themes: life, death, love, family and, erm, “tears in the cum rag”.

That this bathroom stall graffiti of a lyric appears on ‘Five Easy Pieces’, a beautiful piano-and-strings ballad seemingly dedicated to a maddening former flame named Bobby, tells you everything you need to know about Morby’s seventh album, ‘This Is A Photograph’.

The 34-year-old covers an astonishing amount of ground across 12 tracks, cheerily toasting his worst self atop a chugging ‘50s guitar riff on ‘Rock Bottom’ and wearily blaspheming on the bruised ‘A Coat of Butterflies’: “Hey, man, did you hear Buckley singing ‘Hallelujah’? / He did what Leonard never could to it – gave it wings and then away it was.”

  1. Intro
  2. This Is a Photograph
  3. A Random Act of Kindness
  4. Bittersweet, TN
  5. Disappearing
  6. A Coat of Butterflies
  7. Rock Bottom
  8. Five Easy Pieces
  9. Stop Before I Cry
  10. It’s Over
  11. Goodbye to Good Times


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