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Kendrick Lamar is in a tight spot. People want the guy who wrote “Alright” and “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst” and “The Blacker the Berry” to come back and tell us we have what it takes to survive the compounding conflicts of our time, to save the soul of a divided nation. But he wants to be a better partner and son and nephew and cousin — a more present person in the relationships that matter the most to him. He wants to unpack generational trauma and unlearn toxic thought patterns.

The Book of Matthew says no man can serve two masters; K. Dot peaced on us, got himself a therapist, and came back to share what he learned, to redraw some boundaries, and to refuse the titles of Voice of a Generation and Best Rapper Alive. His new album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, delivers this news with an air of apology. He knows it’s not the message people want; he feels it’s the one they need. Morale is an album of provocations and denunciations and affirmations and realizations, a clump of ideas that don’t necessarily complement one another, a dramatization of the expurgation and upheaval that come before reconciliation and healing. It is forcing uncomfortable conversations. It is rebuffing hero worship. It is ditching narrative cohesion for messy sprawl, gesturing to pop but insisting on lethargic tempos, and calling out commercialism from the comfort of wealth. Morale is a perfectionist’s swan dive into his imperfections.

Five years have passed since Kendrick released the punchy and vivid DAMN. and curated the easygoing soundtrack for Black Panther—eons in the rap world, and quite a chunk of regular time too. Aside from the splashy launch of pgLang, his opaque media company with Dave Free, and a few scattered features, Kendrick has kept a low profile. His final album for his longtime label home Top Dawg Entertainment enters a world shaped by the pandemic, #MeToo, and the global protests against police brutality, events Kendrick comments on across the record while recounting how he’s spent his hiatus. His main priority, however, is clarifying who, exactly, Kendrick Lamar represents.

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