Kanye West Gifts A$AP Bari A Maybach Truck

Kanye West hooked A$AP Bari up with a new Maybach truck after learning that he had recently crashed his old one.
Kanye West purchased a new Maybach truck for A$AP Bari after learning that the fashion designer had recently wrecked his last car. Bari shared an appreciative post for Ye on social media, earlier this week.“Yo, this na Ye bought me a new fucking Maybach, yo!” he exclaimed in one post. “If you know me, you know I crashed my Maybach two days ago, bro! This na bought me a new Maybach truck, bruh. What the fuck is going on right now… I’m ’bout to cry, bro.”
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty ImagesHe also shared pictures of the damage sustained by his previous Maybach, as well as an Instagram DM exchange with West.“What’s your home address? Or where you rt now?” Kanye asked Bari, who answered with his address, adding, “Thanks. What is it.”Ye kept the gift a secret for the time being: “Man I just asked [redacted] when it was coming and she said 2mrw afternoon. I don’t want to describe it. Just gonna wait till you get it.”Bari wrote in another post on his Instagram Story: “Wtf. I’ve been feeling very down lately. Say wtf the you want about ye he’s always been there for me.”West has had Bari’s back for years. Back in 2018, West even continued to voice his support for the designer after he was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel in London.Check out Bari’s recent posts on social media below.

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