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English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer from London, James Blake Litherlandsongs were once so fragmentary, so structurally disrupted, that when he even gestured at conventional song structure, it was show-stopping.

Friends That Break Your Heart is the fifth studio album by English singer-songwriter and producer James Blake.

Blake’s last record, 2019’s Assume Form, was all fragments, no show-stoppers: Working with vibe-first artists like Travis Scott and Metro Boomin, and trimming back the jagged spontaneity that brought electricity to his earlier records, the album tended to get lost in itself. Its moments of ingenuity were overshadowed by monochromatic production and occasionally platitudinal lyrics that suggested a kind of self-interrogation: “I will assume form/I’ll leave the ether,” he sang on the title track, “I will be reachable.”

Fifth records are actually a lot of people’s best records. You’ve had all the practice of making albums, taken a few different directions and by then have usually reached your thirties where you’ve got a bunch of stuff out of your system. So you finally decide to just be yourself. And suddenly, everyone’s thrilled.

It’s the most direct songwriting of anything I’ve done. Whether it’s a sad song or an uplifting song, each emotion I’ve gone for is a more raw version of that thing on at least the last two records. I was working stuff out on those records, and I am here, too, but at 32, I’m starting to become more sure of myself in lots of ways. This record is very sure of itself.

There doesn’t seem to be a protocol for how to treat someone who’s breaking up with a friend. We’re expected to move on pretty quick from deep lifelong friendships. But you can’t make old friends, as they say.

I think what’s happened partly makes the topic of this album so pertinent. We lost some of the parameters that kept friendships together. And it’s been a time for analysing and reflecting what the qualities in friends that you actually need in your life are—and facing up to your own failings as one. Being an infantilised C-list pop star doesn’t really set you up to be the best friend in the world. But also, when I needed them and help most, I realised that most of those people just didn’t know what to do.

I realised that I actually have a lot of control over my mental health. What the lockdowns did was force me to say, ‘I can actually do this. I can actually block this out, and actually lift myself out of certain things.‘ Previously I’d relied on other means. And I think that allows music to flow easier because being present and overcoming mental ill health is good for creativity.

Friends That Break Your Heart, Blake’s follow-up, seems to apply that vow from “Assume Form.” Lighter and more straightforward, it feels like Blake’s most traditional album: a collection of ultra-linear, lyrics-first ballads that are plaintive and softly beautiful. Seemingly drawing inspiration from the folk songwriters who influence the edges of his work—the early songs of his friend and past collaborator Moses Sumney come to mind—it brings warmth and texture to music previously slicked with a cool varnish. It’s touchable, reachable, and even kind of relatable, its lyrics now doing as much emotional heavy lifting as Blake’s reedy falsetto.

Friends That Break Your Heart Album Tracklist:

  1. Famous Last Words // Download Mp3
  2. Life Is Not The Same // Download Mp3
  3. Coming Back (Ft. SZA) // Download Mp3
  4. Funeral // Download Mp3
  5. Frozen (Ft. JID & SwaVay) // Download Mp3
  6. I’m So Blessed You’re Mine // Download Mp3
  7. Foot Forward // Download Mp3
  8. Show Me (Ft. Monica Martin) // Download Mp3
  9. Say What You Will // Download Mp3
  10. Lost Angel Nights // Download Mp3
  11. Friends That Break Your Heart // Download Mp3
  12. If I’m Insecure // Download Mp3


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