HRSMN – “The Last Ride” Album

Download The Last Ride Album by HRSMN Feat, Phil D Agony, El Gant, Al Tejeda, Fokis and More

After twenty long years, American hip hop supergroup consisting of the artists Canibus, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, and Kurupt, The HRSMN have geared up for their “Last Ride,” teasing the apocalypse to come with “Believer/False Profits.” There were many who thought this day would never come.

Much like within the actual Book Of Revelations, the arrival of the Four Horsemen can only signal one thing — the apocalypse is nigh. And now, hip-hop’s own HRSMN have come through to leave a wasteland in their wake, with Ras Kass (Pestilence), Killah Priest (Death), Canibus (War), and Kurupt (Famine) leading the violent charge. Having recently announced their brand new album The Last Ride, due for release on June 18th, the quarter has come through to unveil the tracklist and share the first two singles “Believer/False Profits.”

As expected, the bars are plentiful. Over a villainous anthem, all four of the Horsemen hold it down with savage verses, proving that their swords remain sharp regardless of the wait-time. Though “Believer” presents a more battle-ready approach, “False Profits” is more contemplative in nature, stripping away the drums and giving ample space for Killah Preist to let fly a salvo of bars. The HRSMN have released one album entitled The Horsemen Project. The name of the group is in reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who appear in the Book of Revelation from the Bible.

The Last Ride ALbum Tracklist:

  1. Sintro // Download Mp3
  2. Centaurs // Download Mp3
  3. This Shit Right Here // Download Mp3
  4. Champion feat. Planet Asia, Chino XL, Blakkamore // Download Mp3
  5. Morticians // Download Mp3
  6. One Second feat. Hus Kingpin // Download Mp3
  7. Love N War feat. Kia Jefferies // Download Mp3
  8. Believer cuts by inDJnous // Download Mp3
  9. False Profits // Download Mp3
  10. Apocalips now feat. Dina Rae // Download Mp3
  11. Impossible // Download Mp3
  12. Burger King feat. Phil D Agony, El Gant, Al Tejeda, Fokis // Download Mp3
  13. Last Ride // Download Mp3
  14. (Vinyl Bonus) Ride On feat. Tragedy Khadafi // Download Mp3


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