Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Designer Dope Boyz (Album)

Download Designer Dope Boyz Album by Hoodrich Pablo Feat. Gunna, Icewear Vezzo and Young Thug

American rapper, Sterling Leroy Pennix Jr., better known by his stage name Hoodrich Pablo Juan, comes through with a new music studio album project titled “Designer Dope Boyz” featuring Gunna, Icewear Vezzo, Jacquees, Peewee Longway, Yak Gotti & Young Thug.

Right before the release of Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s highly anticipated Master Sensei 2, Pablo found himself wrapped up in RICO charges. Although Pablo has yet to be released, his camp has continued to keep the music coming. Designer Dope Boyz presents fans with 14 new tracks, along with musical collaborations such as Young Thug, Gunna, and Jacquees which has fans not only amped up for new music, but also for Pablo’s release.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is an Atlanta rapper and founder of the MONY POWR RSPT (Money Power Respect) movement, best known for his track “We Don’t Luv Em” His stage name comes from Pablo Escobar’s son’s birth name Juan Pablo Escobar. He is known for his incredible work ethic, releasing 7 solo mixtapes, 8 collaborative mixtapes, and one studio album since 2015.

Designer Dope Boyz Album Tracklist:

  1. King Pin  // Downoad Mp3
  2. Whats Hannin // Downoad Mp3
  3. Who You Gon Rob // Downoad Mp3
  4. On Fleek ft. Gunna & Young Thug // Downoad Mp3
  5. Woke Up (Interlude) // Downoad Mp3
  6. Fashionova ft. Jacquees // Downoad Mp3
  7. Get Up and Grind // Downoad Mp3
  8. Bio ft. Peewee Longway // Downoad Mp3
  9. Count It // Downoad Mp3
  10. Big Bear ft. Yak Gotti // Downoad Mp3
  11. Easter Egg Hunt // Downoad Mp3
  12. Richest In The Building ft. Icewear Vezzo // Downoad Mp3
  13. Go Get the Bag // Downoad Mp3
  14. Where Would I Be // Downoad Mp3


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