Blizzard developer responds to ‘Overwatch 2’ criticism

Overwatch 2

A Blizzard Entertainment developer has responded to the criticism surrounding Overwatch 2 after fans say it looks “exactly the same” as the original.

Last week (October 9), Blizzard released a video showing off Overwatch 2 playtest footage played by Overwatch League pro-players. The gameplay showed off the updated maps, as well as the new and improved character abilities, giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect when the game launches.

Upon release, many fans responded to the playtest footage – as spotted by Dexerto – both positively and negatively with some stating that the sequel “looks exactly the same”.

Andy Belford a developer on Overwatch 2 responded to the recent feedback, as well as questions, on Reddit, saying that, “Speculation and theory crafting is the result of an audience that cares deeply about the game we’re making.”

On the topic of more alphas, Belford said: “As a development team we find tests like this super valuable. We can’t commit to anything specific, however, it’s certainly a consideration.”

Overwatch 2 was announced back in 2019 and has been quietly in development since, with the odd update being revealed to the player through Hero trailers and social media posts. It’s unclear at this time when the sequel will launch, but it’s speculated a Q2 2022 release is likely.

The developer recently revealed a new look at Overwatch 2‘s Sombra rework, confirming she will have updates to her ultimate ability, as well as core skills.

Meanwhile, Rocket League is getting a Batman-themed Halloween event.

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