Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in for the Long Term

The month of June 2022 was another hard one for cryptocurrency investors: The market value of all publicly traded cryptocurrencies had a reduction by 34& within that short period, going from $1.31 trillion to $880 billion. This is a decline of 70% from the market capitalization of $2.96 trillion in November 2021.

If you are either someone curious about what cryptocurrency is all about or an investor who is looking for the finest cryptocurrencies to buy today for long-term investment purposes, continue reading as article as we will answer your questions regarding what cryptocurrency is all about as well as provide information on the best long-term investments in cryptocurrency that you can make right now.

The Concept of Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can flow without the centralized authority of a bank or government. This asset isn’t a playground for energy investors at the moment. Still, contrarians may consider small investments in some of the top cryptocurrencies at current levels because digital assets are more established than ever. Industry projects continue attracting massive brainpower, labor, and investment.

These are 10 of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now for investors who believe in long-term investments and are calculated risk-takers.

When searching for the best Cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investment for 2022, we considered not just the coin’s price and past performance; we analyzed its basics. We also checked the blockchain design and vetted their developers, token omics, market cap, and numerous other metrics to assess such vital essential factors as their security.

The crypto analysts agree that these have the highest possibility of surviving in the future and sustaining their current uptrend. Here are the top 10 Cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investment.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the largest crypto by market capitalization and the first cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is the best long-term crypto investment. Through its overall up-trending price action, Bitcoin has proved to be resilient. The national governments’ bans and criticism from the political class and the banking industry made Bitcoin stumble, causing highly unstable market crashes. But Bitcoin recovered, showing its resilience and reliability as a Cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investment. Being optimistic, Bitcoin’s value is expected to continue increasing, and Bitcoin’s value will possibly reach above $1 Million by 2030.

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin SV, also known as Satoshi Vision, is a fork that sprang from Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin SV’s primary objective is, as stated, to protect Bitcoin’s original architecture. Named after “Satoshi Vision,” or SV, the project’s objective is to achieve Bitcoin’s “Satoshi’s Dream.” Craig Wright created Bitcoin SV.

Because of its lower transaction fees and faster processing time, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is an attractive alternative to more popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Other than these advantages, Bitcoin SV has a lot more to offer.

BSV was created in 2018 to respond to rising concerns that BTC lacked the required scalability characteristics (i.e., the greater block size for speedier transactions) to meet ongoing requirements.

The many interoperability concerns that other networks experience, particularly those that create bottlenecks for the trading industry, have been addressed by BSV. Because of these upgrades, the system can now accommodate the rapid rate of business transactions occurring tomorrow. Additionally, BSV has established new benchmarks for the largest NFT with 1GB and the most prominent blocks with more than 2GB.

The innovative BSV protocol supports a variety of commercial operations, including the following: micropayments, intuitive merchant services, smart contract language, and regulation.

Since its first introduction, the BSV token had made significant strides in cryptocurrency, even though many people may not have been familiar with it when it appeared on the market.

There are many different predictions, but many expect Bitcoin SV to be an intelligent investment in the long run as the technology is further developed and the DeFi industry becomes more established.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies to buy today for long-term investment because it is the most effective innovative contract platform and the de facto internet of blockchains. It went from dApps to DeFi apps, NFTs to Meme currencies, and Decentralized exchanges to Web3 apps/programs.

Ethereum’s blockchain introduced decentralized finance and DeFi to the world and has advantages over other DeFi platforms due to its wide adoption and devoted team of developers.


Decentraland is the pioneer and possibly the most popular metaverse project. You need to add Decentraland to your portfolio of best cryptocurrency today to buy for long-term investment because Decentraland has embraced emerging crypto technologies aimed at future-proofing its existence and catalyzing the value gain for MANA tokens. To make this possible, it has integrated the play-to-earn technology, integrated NFTs to the metaverse, allowed for the creation and deployment of Web3 apps and protocols, and handed the administration of this virtual world to a DAO.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is the innate token for one of the fastest-growing and most innovative blockchain ecosystems. It is an intelligent contract network and one of Ethereum’s strongest rivals. It only started in late 2017 and has become the fifth most valuable crypto technology – making it the most successful of the new smart contract blockchain networks. This growth level is one reason why feature BNB tokens are among the best long-term cryptocurrency investments for 2022.


Solana is the fastest-growing intelligent contract platform. It only started 2 years ago, and within this period, its popularity and user base rose, and the developer activity on the network rose steeply. Solana is considered a cryptocurrency to buy today for the long term because it is on a journey to prove that it can sustain its blockchain and its future. It decided to expand its ecosystem, using almost all the emerging and fast-growing crypto technologies to accomplish this. Solana also enables developers to create and launch Web3 apps and programs and hosts several decentralized exchanges. This will help it expand its ecosystem and push the token’s price past $1000 by 2025 and as high as $10,000 end of the decade.


Uniswap is the most popular and valuable decentralized exchange.

Uniswap is one because of the silent but raising privacy concerns among crypto traders and investors. The government interference in the crypto space is expected to inform the mass migration from regulated, centralized exchanges to DEXs like Uniswap. In effect, it is the primary reason we believe UNI belongs in every future-focused investor’s pool of long-term crypto investments.


According to DeFi pulse, Maker is the largest and most valuable Decentralized Finance platform. It has over $10 Billion worth of crypto in total value locked, getting close to 21% of the entire DeFi market. Maker is a cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investment because it enables investors to save and earn high interest on coins or borrow and pay competitive interest on the crypto loan through an easy process. It solves the ills staring at the global finance industry, especially inflation and negative interest rates, and we expect Maker token prices to grow exceptionally. Maker is a cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investment.


Cardano is presently the largest innovative contract platform and one of the fastest-growing blockchain technologies. More importantly, Cardano is one of the most assured blockchains because the Cardano blockchain and integrated protocols are systematically researched and studied. This level of security affirms its sustainability, which is why it is a cryptocurrency to buy now for long-term investment.


By coming up with the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (ICP), Cosmos solves the blockchain interoperability problem. And this goes a mile in cementing its position in the future of the crypto world. This is why you need to add it to your basket of best cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term investments.

Polygon (MATIC)Best Long-Term Ethereum-Based Token

Polygon is disputably the most famous successful Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum. It makes it possible for developers to create and employ multiple types of highly flexible and scalable crypto programs and apps, so it should be considered a cryptocurrency to buy now for long-term investment.


Examining the cryptocurrency’s past price performance during and after a significant price crash, how deep it crashed with the overall market and how fast it rebounded when the market started its recovery. Also, check if it solves a real-world problem and the urgency of the need for the solution proposed by the blockchain.

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