Barcelona is Among the 10 Most Attractive European Places for Investors in 2022

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With reference to the Investor Intentions Survey 2021 report, houses for sale in Catalonia, namely in the regional center, have become one of the most interesting in Europe for capital providers in 2022. Barcelona is the 9th European megacity favored by capital providers after Munich. London leads the polls together with Paris and Amsterdam, which advanced 2 positions in contrast to 2021. Berlin is in the 4th place, with Frankfurt, Madrid, Copenhagen and Warsaw going after.

Barcelona and Spain for investment

Spain is the best country in Europe to buy real estate in 2022. This year, Spain holds the 7th position within the countries of Europe for investment, with Madrid and Barcelona in the top 10 most competitive cities. The country has surpassed Ireland, Sweden and the Czech Republic in the new ranking.

Barcelona is the top European real estate market. Barcelona has become a very attractive and requested destination for big international investors due to the solid showings of its property market, the steady participation of global firms and the presence of modern developed districts. Customers from France, Germany, the United States, and China are included. The city centre has the most complete properties. The locals in this city consistently strive to concentrate on foreign clients. And also on those who relocate here in search of employment or for a new adventure to experience the city’s superb gastronomy, culture, sports, and art. 

The status of Spain in the investment market in 2022

In spite of the coronavirus spread in the form of the Omicron strain, the investment market in Europe stands in a better position than a year ago. Substantially, 70% of capital providers settled in Spain are going to invest more in 2022, given the survey data.

In 2021, a record number of investments was achieved in Europe – about 360 billion €, which is 25% more than in the last year. This year, it is expected that the increased market activity would lift expenditures to the levels before pandemic.

Paris real estate investment takes top honors in Europe — Paris Property Group

Major points

  • While still reasonably robust, overall growth will be low.
  • The outlook for Spain’s growth in 2021 remained mostly unchanged.
  • Although rising contagion is predicted to cause economic activity to slow down in the first half of 2022, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth is anticipated to remain strong.
  • Based on a reduced effect of the pandemic on activity, the short-term bias is favourable. The risks brought on by increasing inflation as well as the response of central banks are beginning to matter.

 Investors in Spain: statistics

Experts believe that the commercial property segment will be one of the key drivers of investment due to the awaited comeback of employees to the workplace in conjunction with  strong fundamentals in this market. Actually, 44% of capital providers working in Spain are going to invest in this market, 18% in the industry and logistics and 17% in the hotel sector. As an option, capital providers are considering investing in dormitories and property in the health sector, as well as municipal housing.

The researchers found that the presence of uncertainty in the economic environment (23%) or the state boundaries closure due to new waves of COVID-19 (17%) are considered the major problems for the Spanish investors this year. In addition, the increased inflation (15%) and an estimation for a decrease in rental demand (12%) are among the risks.

On the other hand, 78% of capital providers based in Spain so far use ESG criteria (environment, social and governance) when choosing a direction, which corresponds to the mid-point in Europe. Preserving the asset value (20%) and defending of the environment (19%) are the priorities of the modern investors, besides the company’s image improvement (14%).

As to the investment direction, 74% of capital providers based in Barcelona and Spain in general are the ones who see Europe as a priority for investment.

Over 600 European investors took a part in this survey during November and December 2021.

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