Ari Lennox Says New Album Is Being Mixed, Calls It “Beautiful Soul Music”

If it was up to the Dreamville singer, she would have already released the project.
We’ve been waiting to hear more from Ari Lennox on the music front, but the Dreamville standout has been carefully piecing together her next record. It was back in 2019 when she delivered her debut studio album Shea Butter Baby, and since that time, her fans have been patiently waiting on more news about her sophomore effort. Lennox’s “Pressure” hit remains a staple on R&B charts—and a favorite among fans of the genre—and the singer is now giving hints as to what her supporters can expect from her forthcoming project.While promoting Coke Studios with Vibe, Lennox talked about being a bit “anxious” about releasing new music and wanting it to drop immediately.”I want this album out today if it were up to me, but it’s not, and so it’s driving me crazy. We’re going through mixing, we’re mixing the album right now,” she told the outlet. “We’re in the middle of finishing some music videos. So, it’s beautiful. Things are moving. It’s just, man. I want it out now.””I think it’s a part of healing to release music, and I kind of feel like it’s a whole bunch of just… stuff I have to keep inside, when I would like to just get it out. And, I also start thinking about new music. It’s like it kind of creates a block in regards to creating new music because I want to, but I have to focus on getting my baby out.”Lennox added that fans can expect “a lot of singing,” calling the album “beautiful soul music.””A lot of attention to detail, and a lot of vulnerability. Also a lot of realizing I’m not putting up with no more BS… I would say it’s really growing up. Really, really growing up,” she added. “I think [on] Shea Butter Baby, I romanticize a lot of things in life. I feel like I was very naive about a lot of things about romance, about myself, about career, life, whatever, and I feel like I’m just more aware now, more evolved, [and] more, not putting up with certain sh*t I don’t like.”We’ll keep you updated as Ari Lennox shares more from her sophomore project. [via]

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