Album: Vinnie Paz – Burn Everything That Bears Your Name

Download Burn Everything That Bears Your Name Album by Vinnie Paz featuring Block McCloud, Boob Bronx, Eto, Eamon, Crimeapple, Goretex, Jay Royale & many more.

Sicilian American rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphia underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, Vincenzo Luvineri, better known as Vinnie Paz, realese a new project titled “Burn Everything That Bears Your Name.”

Burn Everything That Bears Your Name is the sixth studio album from American rapper Vinnie Paz. It is available on HiPHOPLEAKERSfor you stream and enjoy through his own label Enemy Soil Entertainment.

Burn Everything That Bears Your Name Tracklist:

  1. Socrates Drinking the Hemlock
  2. Machine Gun Etiquette (Ft. Billy Danze)
  3. Body Bag Philosophe
  4. Papi Wardrobe
  5. Witches Teeth (Ft. Goretex & ILL BILL)
  6. Latika Gravas
  7. Danger Is My Business
  8. I’m Thinking of Ending Things
  9. Guilty Remnant Cigarettes
  10. Don Eladio
  11. Warhead (Ft. Chino XL)
  12. Excuse All the Blood
  13. White on White Crime (Ft. Dboy Flowski & OT the Real)
  14. Battle of the Camel (Ft. Willie the Kid)
  15. Torchbearer
  16. Affairs in Order (Ft. Jay Royale)
  17. Tell Gold to Hold the Boneyard (Ft. Crimeapple & Goretex)
  18. Duppy or Gunman
  19. Angels with Dirty Faces (Ft. Eamon)
  20. Murder Takes Time (Ft. Eto)
  21. Lloyd’s of London (Ft. Block McCloud & Boob Bronx)
  22. Digital Veil (Ft. Mav)


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