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American rapper and songwriter, Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne, known professionally as Ski Mask The Slump God returns with a tape to kill for, “Sin City,” dropping this coming Friday, June 25th. Ski Mask The Slump God may have slowed his pace since the release of Stokeley in November of 2018, but the Floridian rapper hasn’t been entirely inactive. It would appear that he’s officially ready to lift the curtain on his next endeavor, Sin City, on which he has presumably been working.

Sin City is an upcoming mixtape by Florida rapper Ski Mask the Slump God, set to release on June 25, 2021. Ski expects to release three projects during 2021, and this first project will be released in June.  Drawing inspiration from Frank Miller’s classic Sin City series, which went on to receive a cinematic adaptation by Robert Rodriguez in 2005, Ski Mask confirmed that his upcoming tape will be dropping on June 25th. Though he doesn’t offer up in the way of detail, he does set a striking cinematic tone by way of a new trailer, one that draws heavy inspiration from the project’s namesake.

The pictures included in the official cover artwork for Sin City were shot by Israel Riqueros with style and art direction being curated, respectively, by Zoe Costello and Mark Gierl. The cover art was revealed on Twitter and Instagram by Ski Mask the Slump God himself on June 21, 2021. The artwork takes inspiration from Frank Miller’s comic book series, Sin City, and its 2005 film adaptation, which was filmed in black and white with hints of red.

In the clip, a bloodied-up Ski Mask visits a contact seeking artillery, donning a fresh grill, and calling up DJ Scheme to put in a bit of work. As the trailer concludes, a simmering instrumental kicks in, over which it’s all too easy to picture Ski going to town with his signature animated flow. It should be interesting to see how Sin City plays out, as it has certainly been a minute since we’ve heard a full-length project from The Slump God. In any case, expect plenty of references to film — including Sin City, presumably — as well as animé and video games.

With Ski Mask’s Sin City set to drop this Friday, June 25th, check out the trailer below and sound off if you’re excited for the project to land in full. Ski Mask the Slump God initially rose to prominence alongside late American rapper XXXTentacion and their collective Members Only.


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