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Download StarShooter Album Leak By ShooterGang Kony

Chaos rules the music of ShooterGang Kony, whose unruly lyrics are surpassed only by off-kilter flows that dare you to question rhythm and time. At first glance, the Sacramento rapper can come off as irreverent or heartless, but on his gripping new album, “Red Paint Reverend,” he balances dark humor and shit talk with doses of sobering introspection—quiet reminders that, although the songs may sound West Coast breezy, the stakes remain high. For this show, he opens for the similarly loose Vallejo trio SOB X RBE.

One of the leading voices of the next generation of West Coast gangster rap, Sacramento native ShooterGang Kony has officially kicked off his new album rollout, dropping “JumpMan” with a new music video and announcing the tracklist for Starshooter.

A budding rap superstar, ShooterGang Kony proves that with his strong work ethic, he’ll continue rising up for years to come. On “JumpMan,” Kony crafts a catchy anthem and makes plenty of topical basketball references as he rocks his Ginobili jersey. The video was directed by MikeyRare, and it shows Kony taking on different roles, including the President of the United States, a surgeon, and a science professor.

Starshooter Album Tracklist:

  1. Sincerely Yours
  2. Big Burners
  3. JumpMan
  4. Up2Date (feat. Lil Bean)
  5. Over They Head
  6. Gangsta Shit
  7. No Ceilings (feat. Teejay3k & Lil Poppa)
  8. IZ U BROKE?!
  9. Can’t Believe (feat. ShooterGang VJ & ShooterGang Fleecy)
  10. The Game (feat. Kalan.FrFr.)
  11. Glizzy Over Rugers
  12. RRR
  13. Fade Who
  14. Blazin
  15. Dead Artist (feat. BabyTron)
  16. Missing You
  17. No Shows Today (feat. Toosii)


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