Album: Lovejoy – Pebble Brain (EP)

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An indie band based in England, Lovejoy released an new EP project titled “Pebble Brain” written by Ash Kabosu, Joe Goldsmith, Mark Boardman & Wilbur Soot and produced Sam Coveney.

Pebble Brain is British indie rock band Lovejoy’s sophomore EP. The name was teased by bassist Ash Kabosu on Twitter and by the official Lovejoy Twitter account with a cryptic tweet.

The EP was supposed to be released at the end of September, but it was rescheduled to October 6th, and later to the 14th. The song titles have all been leaked by the band in more than one way, and some even played on stream by members Wilbur Soot or on Ash Kabosu’s vlog.

It’s been in the works for well over 5 months, likely being worked on right after the band’s debut EP, Are You Alright? released, since the first update on the progress was posted on the band’s Twitter on the 22nd of June, 2021, and said that the EP was “30% done”.

According to a Q&A drummer Mark Boardman posted on his Instagram account, this EP allegedly, quote: This EP smashes Are You Alright? out of the water, no competition.

Upon the band’s debut, they gained popularity on the Internet to the point where their YouTube channel quickly gained 100,000 subscribers per few days after its creation on May 6th, 2021. Four days later, on May 10th, they released their first EP titled Are You Alright?. On October 14th, their second EP Pebble Brain was released, featuring seven new songs.


  1. Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry? // DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. Model Buses // DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Concrete // DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Perfume // DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. You’ll Understand When You’re Older // DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. The Fall // DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. It’s All Futile! It’s All Pointless // DOWNLOAD MP3


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