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Will Putney
Every Time I Die

American metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, formed in 1998, Every Time I Die will release their ninth studio album, Radical, Oct. 22 via Epitaph Records. The record follows 2016’s Low Teens.

Beginning an article of this nature with a quote from an ancient Greek poet, one who is credited as a major source for sociological necessities and advancements such as early economic thought is, unconventional. Realistically, Buffalo’s southern-metallic-hardcore-punk heroes Every Time I Die have in all probability, very little involvement with Greek history. However, their strategy for the release of their ninth studio album Radical utilised the aforementioned advice from Hesiod; the quintet simply refused to release it until they were able to tour and celebrate the LP properly, observing due measure. It has been discussed that the record was completed in early 2020 – well over a year ago, but this was about the time that COVID-19 altered our existence and left artists hoping for a return to a sense of normalcy and the ability to pursue what they love.

That time has come; while normalcy is not quite where the human race is versus the pandemic, the progress is encouraging which ETID have observed. After five long years since Low Teens, the 16 once entombed songs are about to pummel the world and honestly, the new full-length could be entitled: Rampager – it is a monster.

Every Time I Die have had an uncanny ability to consistently body-slam their countless listeners throughout the globe with ballistic opening songs throughout their discography; ‘Dark Distance’ is the Stone Cold Stunner. Frenzied and furious in a matter of words; impossibly the quintet are delivering new realms of heaviness that they have yet to administer. There are elements of From Parts Unknown’s closer ‘Idiot’ as well as some haunting Alexis Marshall (Daughters) spoken word moments from Keith Buckley; but for the most part, this is as brutal as an ‘Organ Grinder’ and Hot Damn! the boys are back.

‘Sly’ is a nice continuation from Low Teens with some vocal experimentation that has a nod of respect to Queen’s theatrics in operatic methods and the love acknowledgement to “Buffalo” is a VERY nice touch. ‘Planet Shit’ is a much angrier punk postscript to ‘Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow’ – where they “Curse the day they raise our glass”, this time they are throwing Molotov cocktails. Now, it is outrage and it is outrageous.

Every Time I Die have garnered acclaim for their energetic and intense live shows. They announced in July 2008 that they had left their label Ferret Music and signed with Epitaph Records instead.

Radical Tracklist:

  1. Dark Distance // Download MP3
  2. Sly // Download MP3
  3. Planet Shit // Download MP3
  4. Post-Boredom // Download MP3
  5. Colossal Wreck // Download MP3
  6. Desperate Pleasures // Download MP3
  7. All This And War // Download MP3
  8. Thing With Feathers // Download MP3
  9. Hostile Architecture // Download MP3
  10. AWOL // Download MP3
  11. The Whip // Download MP3
  12. White Void // Download MP3
  13. Distress Rehearsal // Download MP3
  14. sexsexsex // Download MP3
  15. People Verses // Download MP3
  16. We Go Together // Download MP3


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