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Innovative singer/songwriter and producer, ADE release his debut album ‘Midnight Pizza.’ Like the disparate strains of a dream as the waking world pours into consciousness, “The City” is an enigmatic listening experience that hints at a wider universe. Commanding a washed-out palette to create a piece of faded splendour, the track recalls the surrealist soundscapes of M83 to Angelo Badalamenti and offers a tantalising entry point to his ‘Midnight Pizza’ project. Clocking in at just 1’47, it challenges the listener to search for a deeper meaning perennially just out of focus, that all-too-soon disappears in an ether of hazy electronics.

Ade is an innovative singer/songwriter and producer based in New York City. A child of the algorithmic listening generation, a potent mix of technological advancement and eclectic influence has nurtured an artist far from natural expectation. Growing up on a mixed diet of Beck and Bjork, Weezer to Brazilian Forro compilations, Doo Wop to Dr. Dre, Squarepusher to the Backstreet Boys (whom “occupy a place of deep sentiment in (his) heart” to this day), Ade extracts from the esoteric and applies a fittingly cut-and-paste like approach to construct his own mercurial creations.

“A midnight pizza is something we’re told you can only indulge in for so long before it takes its toll on your health, but how do we know when that is?… The surreal truth of this Zuckerverse is so many of the people I know never lost touch with the people they went to high school with (myself included), which I think has made it pretty difficult to track how much we’ve grown up, or if we even have.

Cathartic exploration meets nocturnal hedonism, for all its shapeshifting mystery ‘Midnight Pizza’ is a record that ultimately finds Ade as an artist comfortable in his own skin. 35 minutes of experimental pop that defies expectation and categorisation, it’s a record designed to challenge, surprise and stimulate at every turn.

Midnight Pizza Album Tracklist:

  1. The City
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. Another Weekend
  4. In the Alley
  5. Feel a Thing
  6. Die
  7. Get to Know Me
  8. Havin’ Fun with Pharaoh
  9. Moving Slow
  10. Midnight Pizza


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