Album: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – ColleGrove 2

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Throughout this past year, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne have been hard at work on ColleGrove 2, the anticipated sequel to their 2016 collaborative album. Originally intended for release last year, 2 Chainz spoke with Complex about his in-studio dynamic with Weezy. “Steel sharpens steel,” he teased. “It’s this friendly competition. It’s to stay up on your toes. It’s a slaying war, a delivery war. It’s just so fun. So be looking out for ColleGrove, if not the end of this year, definitely the top of next year.”

Being that it’s a little beyond the “top of next year,” it’s fair to say we’re about due for an update on ColleGrove 2. And while it’s not exactly a concrete reveal, 2 Chainz recently took to Instagram to share an intriguing detail about the album’s progress. Sharing a picture of himself and Lil Wayne in the midst of a boy’s night out, Tity captioned “goin over track list in the club.”

As it stands, there are a few possible inferences we can make. For one, it’s possible that all of the material has been recorded, mixed, and mastered, and the pair are truly in the final stages of outlining the album. The best-case scenario, as it likely means we’ll be seeing some official news on ColleGrove 2 before the summer rolls around. On the other hand, it’s possible that they’re still dealing with demos and unfinished material, which might mean that the project is still a ways away.

Given 2 Chainz’s previously expressed desire to drop the album in 2020, it feels like optimism is the wiser course of action here. After all, we’re looking at two of the game’s most prolific emcees, both of whom tend to prefer their schedules jam-packed with new releases whenever possible. Check out the latest update below, and sound off if you’re excited to see ColleGrove 2.


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