Ade – Feel a Thing

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Rising singer-songwriter Ade release a new album ‘Midnight Pizza’ alongside stunning lead single ‘Feel a Thing’. A vast space inhabited only by hazy electronics and Ade’s reverb-soaked vocals. In this subdued soundscape, his heartfelt lyricism takes form, fuzzy shapes in washed-out colours that disappear as soon as they come into focus. Talking about the feeling behind the song, Ade explains: “As soon I sang out that first line, I could hear the same voice, from the same guy, alone in an apartment picking up where I left off, in the middle of a song I had been singing for some time now, lamenting the same paradoxes I think a lot of us occasionally experience – loneliness and actively engaging, if not revelling in, antisocial behaviors and habits. That’s the melodrama of your early 20s though I guess, but gotta say, everything got a lot less heavy after I quit smoking weed.”

The lead single to forthcoming album ‘Midnight Pizza’, ‘Feel a Thing’ gives a first glimpse into this abstract musical universe that combines Ade’s many different influences and poetic reflections. He says: “The goal of this album was to create a kind of tie dye venn-diagram wherein everything I liked and felt and was inspired by could embrace and dance around.”

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